Veneering Particle Board

Chipboard (particle board) should be veneered with synthetic resin glue, for hide glues may or may not take over the resin impregnated surface and water-based glues tend to swell up the chips. If resin glues are not available the outer skin of the board should be broken through with coarse abrasive paper and a test for adhesion made, or the manufacturer of the board consulted. Synthetic resin glues adhere perfectly and give no trouble. If the boards are supplied already veneered with a common backing quality veneer, usually agba (tola) or African mahogany, the decorative face veneer should be crossed as usual, as this locks the minute cracks always present in knife-cut veneers. Furniture quality particle boards with fine chips in the surface layers should not require counter veneering with backing quality veneers, but if the coarse particle boards (building boards) are used then they should be double veneered (see Counter veneering, p. 307).

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