Under Plan End Vice

38 Holding devices

shows the rounding-cradle for supporting square-sectioned material while it is being rounded; and 38:3 a planing-board with different-size grooves for holding thin stock, etc. Figure 38:2 shows the bench-holdfast, which is merely inserted in a hole bored in the bench-top and will remain in any position once the screw-pad is tightened on the work, while long edges which have to be worked with a rabbet- or moulding-plane can be lifted clear of the bench by gripping them in a bar clamp G-cramped/C-clamped to the bench-top. If there is no end vice/vise to the bench there can be no possible objection to nailing battens to the bench to grip long lengths, wide panels, etc.. while they are being planed, provided that only lath-nails are used, and that they are carefully withdrawn immediately after. The over-fastidious craftsman might object to this, but the important thing is the piece of work on the bench, not the bench itself.

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