Wardrobe, flap and fall stays are shown in 270. Figure 270:1 shows the wardrobe stay used to limit the swing of a door or to support a fall flap, 270:2 is the quadrant stay and 270:3 is the rule joint stay also for flaps and supplied right and left handed. The latter has been almost entirely superseded by the improved fall flap stay

270 Stays

(270:4) with silent nylon glide (270:4A) which can be used in either the vertical or horizontal position. A combined pivot hinge and stay for flaps is shown in 270:5, and a slotted version in 270:6 which lifts the flap clear of the framing rail. Both types are made in mild steel brass plated for greater strength. Figure 270:7 is the radiogram lid stay with adjustable friction

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271 Flap stay mounting positions movement, and 270:8 one type of cocktail cabinet stay which automatically lowers the flap as the lid is raised. The fixing position for this type of stay must be found by trial and error with a bradawl driven through one of the screw holes into the carcass side, and the centre plate is large enough to cover several trial holes which may be necessary before the critical centre is located. Fixing positions for quadrant, rule joint and improved fall flap stays are shown in 271:1, 2, 3. In 271:2 the flap plate is fixed at a distance from the hinge knuckle equal to half the length of the stay measured from pin to pin. The carcass plate must then be fastened on a line drawn parallel to the base as shown.

As with most other hardware items the traditional types have remained unchanged for many years, but modern production methods and the increasing use of particle board with its reduced holding power for screws, etc. call for constant innovations. Figure 271:5 shows a varioscope fall flap stay with adjustable brake which retards the downward movement, thus there is no danger of a heavy chipboard flap tearing out the fixing screws if allowed to fall. A stay for upward flaps (271:6) is also shown, with a stopping device which holds the flap either side of the horizontal according to the adjustment. A slight upward lift beyond the automatic stop releases the catch and allows the flap to be lowered. Figure 271:4 shows the improved fall flap stay (270:4) mounted in a horizontal position.

272 Bookcase fittings

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