Spindle Mouldershaper

The most versatile and yet the most dangerous machine in any workshop, the spindle moulder can, in the hands of the expert, almost perform miracles, but in the hands of the uninitiated it can be lethal. Instruction in its use is strongly recommended.

Not only can this machine mould virtually any shape both on straight and curved surfaces, but it can also, with the aid of templates, produce any number of identically shaped components from chair legs and curved rails to drawer handles. It can tongue and groove faster than any other machine, and with the addition of a sliding table it can cut all manner of tenon and bridle joints, dovetail housings—the list is endless.

108 Combination surface planer and thicknesser/ jointer and surfacer

109 Wadkin single-speed heavy-duty spindle moulder/shaper

110 Startrite light-duty spindle moulder/shaper with built-in sliding table for end grain shaping and tenoning

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