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This method of carcass construction is rarely undertaken by large manufacturers, and, when it is, the wood is usually strip laminated for stability and uniformity of colour and grain in production. Figure 185, for example, shows a solid wood top made of 18 in (45 cm) sections glued together with a resin adhesive to form an 18 in (45 cm) board. Ercol of High Wycombe

Furniture Fittings
182 Framed carcasses using thin sheet material
Framed CarcaseCarcass Related Furnitures
185 Solid wood top from sections
Carcass Construction

186 Carcass shrinkage are the masters of this form of construction, which they developed many years ago with the notoriously unstable wood, English elm.

Solid wood carcass construction is otherwise predominantly the province of the designer-craftsmen and the small workshops working largely on one-off commissions or small batches.

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