Shaped rails in leg framing

If the under edge of a rail is curved it will become a feather edge where it meets the leg if framed up in the usual manner (213:1 A). Sugested treatments are shown in 213:1 for flush rails and 213:2 for inset rails. Figure 213:1 in particular has decorative possibilities and is a great favourite with handworkers. Figure 213:3 shows another treatment which is more wasteful of wood but equally effective. Where intermediate legs occur in long rails, as in long sideboards, they can be bridled as in 213:4. In all cases the final shaping to the curve is eased away after the framework has been assembled. Figure 213:5 is commonly known as the 'Check' joint and 213:6 shows the treatment of a rail with inset bead lining up with the face of the leg. This detail relieves the monotony of a long straight rail joining a square-shaped leg.

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