Secret double lap dovetails

These are used where open dovetails would be unsightly, but as one lap must show end grain the jointing method could be entirely hidden with secret mitre dovetails, which are not much more trouble to cut. The double lap dovetail does, however, have certain applications, and 155:1 shows two forms: (B) side lap and (C) top lap, according to the use. In working the joint the projecting lap piece is rebated/rabbeted out (A) to the depth of the secret lap (the laps are usually made square in section). The pin piece is then set out and cut in the normal manner, and the tail piece set out from the pin piece as in secret mitre dovetailing (155:3), using an awl point as shown. A variation of this joint is shown in 155:4 where the carcass top is

157 Box dovetails

157 Box dovetails

Table Socket Box Drawing Secret Lap Dovetailing

Dovetails need not necessarily follow the traditional pattern, and the writer has used other forms, of which 155:5 is an example. The dovetail is cut and trimmed and marked round for the socket in the end grain. Holding power is as good if not better than the usual form of dovetail, providing the width of the tail is not too great.

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