Scratch stocks

Without a suitable moulding-plane small mouldings were often worked with this simple tool; moreover it is still extremely useful for cutting narrow grooves for inlays, strings, bandings, etc. It is simply made from a solid block (or two pieces of suitable hardwood screwed together) with a saw cut through the arm to take a piece of old saw- or scraper-blade ground and filed to the shape required (5 6B), and held in the correct position by a pinch-grip with suitably placed screws (56A). The cutter can be filed, square-edged and burred/burled over as for a scraper, in which case the scratch stock is worked backwards and forwards with a rocking movement, or it can be bevel ground and burred over as for a scraper-plane iron.

Scratch Stocks

56 Scratch stock

56 Scratch stock

57 Sharpening steel scraper

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