Sanding rubbers

These are blocks of resilient cork or felt-faced wood of convenient size to fit the hand, and usually about 41/2 in (114 mm) by 21/2 in (63 mm) by 1 in (25 mm) thick to take a quarter sheet of standard 11 in (280 mm) by 9 in (228 mm) abrasive paper for straight-line sanding. Shaped blocks to fit hollows, rounds and moulded sections are made from the cork blocks as required, and the use of such blocks is always to be preferred, for so-called 'touch sanding' tends to follow depressions and round over edges. For large surfaces a weighted block to take a whole sheet of abrasive paper is invaluable, as small blocks tend to linger over rough patches and create slight undulations which may not be apparent in the white, but which will show up badly under a high gloss polish.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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