Pullover Cross Cut Saws Radial Arm Saws

A heavy duty radial or swing saw mounted on a long wooden table is a regular item of equipment in most joinery workshops for the rapid crosscutting of squared up boards and timbers. It is less common in cabinet-making shops simply because waney edge boards are more commonly used. Many shops do have a lighter version, the radial arm saw, which has been particularly developed for the home craftsman and has a versatility that enables many processes from ripping to drilling to be accomplished on one machine. Its main use for the professional, though, with other machinery at his disposal, is for crosscutting and trenching/ dadoing (cutting long housings) for book-shelving and similar carcass work.

It is best to purchase a heavy duty version with a standard 10 in or 12 in (254 mm or 304 mm) diameter blade.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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