Portable Planers

These have only a limited use for the furniture-maker who, unlike the joiner and builder working out on site, has constant access to a floor-mounted machine. On occasion, however, the surface planer may not be wide enough, and then the portable is extremely useful for these extra wide boards or table tops, even though, for final accuracy, a hand plane will be needed.

It is also useful for rebating if for any reason this cannot be undertaken on either the spindle moulder or surface planer. At the cost of little more than a large hand plane, it is, therefore, a useful addition to the workshop equipment.

83 Portable planer upended in purpose-made table for use as small bench planer

81 Portable planer used for rebating

82 Planer upended to show cutter block and replaceable knives

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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