A skilled machinist can accurately thickness a panel on an overhand surface planer/jointer but it requires practice and is dangerous. Ideally one should have a long bedded surface planer for the accurate truing of one surface and long edges, and a separate thicknesser/surfacer to reduce stock to a consistent thickness. Alter-

106 Surface planer/jointer

107 Wadkin heavy-duty 20 in (508 mm) by 10 in (254 mm) thicknesser/surfacer

natively, where space and cost are crucial, a combination surface planer and thicknesser, often referred to as an over and under, would suffice.

All these machines come in a variety of cutter widths from 9 in (228 mm) up to 36 in (914 mm) with the large thicknessers/surfacers. Your choice should be governed by the nature of the work you do, for there is little point in investing large sums in a 36 in (914 mm) planer if you are never going to need to plane boards beyond 12 in (304 mm) wide.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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