Pedestal table or pillar legs

A typical mahogany Chippendale pillar or tripod leg is shown in 201:1; 201:2 shows a

Pillar Legs Table

(By courtesy of Eric

199 Carving mace stand leg. Coop)

(By courtesy of Eric

Sheraton pillar table leg and 201:3 an early nineteenth-century tripod table leg with brass lion foot castor. All these legs were used in sets of either three or four according to the heaviness and type of table.

Methods of attaching shaped legs to cylindrical pillars or shafts are illustrated in 202. Figure 202:1 is the stopped slot dovetail method with either taper or straight dovetail and shoulders scribed to fit the shaft; 202:2 is a simpler method using dowels, where the shaft is flatted to receive the leg and any chamfer or moulding round the shaft is returned across the top of the leg. The dowels should be 3/8 in (9.5 mm) or 1/2 in (12.5 mm) spiral cut or fluted to enter not less than 11/4 in (32 mm), and 203 shows the gluing up of such a construction. An alternative




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