Overhead Table Routers

Although these are used for general light moulding, grooving, rebating and slot mortising, they are far less efficient for this purpose than the spindle moulder/shaper or the horizontal borer and slotter in the case of slot

114 Square turning on legs with high-speed router

mortising. They are, however, excellent for recessing and cutting out complex patterns and shapes in thin material. They are ideal for following a template, and therefore for repetitive operations, but they are nowhere near as versatile in use as the portable router which can be taken to the workpiece itself at various stages of construction.

The overhead router has an additional disadvantage in that the workpiece is brought up to the cutter, unlike the portable version which runs off the surface, so any variation in the thickness of the material results in similar variations in the depths of recessing or moulding. Much will depend on the type of work you do; this is an ideal machine for quantity production work, but, for the smaller shop, a spindle moulder/shaper doubled up with a portable router would be a better combination.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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