Nylon (polyamide) has universal uses as a fibre material for it can be cold drawn to five times its original strength, thus straightening the chain molecules and imparting great strength and excellent wear resistance. It is also invaluable as a sheet material and for castings, mouldings and extruded sections for it is tough, resilient and provides noiseless and frictionless surfaces invaluable for furniture guides, sliders, rollers, etc. It is also used in knock-down fittings, while barbed or serrated nylon dowel-pegs can be glued into such loose-textured materials as chipboard to provide secure anchorages for screws. As it is a thermoplastic without the hard brittleness of the thermosetting resins it can be cut, shaped and drilled with normal hand-tools.

For particulars, manipulating data and sources of supply of other plastics readers are referred to the manufacturers concerned, lists of whom can be obtained from the various periodic journals devoted to the subject and to the standard textbooks available at most libraries.

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How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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