Moulded frame mortise and tenon

Here again the frame is rebated/rabbeted for a panel and the moulding must be cut and mitred on the face to receive the rail. If the moulded frame is grooved for the panel (142:12) and not rebated, then either both sides of the groove

146 Mortise and tenon joints



Mortise And Groove

must be cut away and mitred to receive the rail, or the back shoulder of the rail must be shortened to allow for the extra width of the back stile. The positions of grooves, rebates and mouldings are marked during the critical setting out but must not be worked until after the mortises have been chiselled out; the offset of the moulding on the face must, of course, be on the same level as the depth of the rebate. Tenon cheeks are sawn in as before or the marks will be lost, but the tenon shoulders are better left uncut until the moulding has been run.

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