Mixed application glues

With these (Aerolite KL, etc.) both glue and liquid or powder hardener are carefully weighed or measured in the correct proportions, and mixed together before application. They are thus ideal veneering glues whose setting time can be greatly accelerated by the application of heat. Glues are also available in which a suitable powder hardener is incorporated with the powder glue (Cascamite One Shot:, etc.), and mixing with water releases the acidifying action of the hardener and initiates the set. These glues are principally gap-filling assembly glues, but are also quite satisfactory for veneered work, although they are not so responsive to heat as straight veneering glues. They require no elaborate weighing or measuring out, are easy to mix, and are sufficiently strong and moisture resistant for most purposes. The storage life in closed containers is the same as for most other powder resin glues, i.e. one year or more.

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