Miscellaneous Hinges

Figure 256:8 shows a secretaire combined hinge and stay for light flaps, and 256:6 the reversible screen hinge which allows the separate wings of a screen to fold either way. With these the screen thickness must not be more than the distance between the knuckle centres, while if it is less the movement will not be affected but the wings will show a gap. A type of invisible hinge is shown in 256:7 and attaching positions in 260. In 260:1, 2 the hinge is centrally placed, while 260:3, 4 show an inset door with hinge off centre, and 260:5,6 an onset door. These hinges

are made in a range of sizes for different door thicknesses and are usually placed centrally in the door thickness, although there is some latitude as shown in 260:3, 4, and a trial assembly in waste wood may be necessary, for mortises once cut cannot be shifted, as with the screw holes of a butt hinge.

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