Matched cleated and battened joints

Traditional custom regards the tongued and grooved joint proper as having loose tongues glued in, and the 'matched' joint with tongues worked in the solid; but the introduction of cheap tongued, grooved and beaded or V-jointed matchings for wall linings usurped the latter term, which is now used solely to describe solid-tongue boards which are dry jointed and secret nailed or screwed to supporting battens or frameworks.

Matched boarding (137:1) has little application in furniture, although cottage-style oak furniture sometimes had doors framed together on this principle. Cleated or battened joints are jointed boards stiffened or supported by screwing ledges or battens to the back (137:2). The screw-holes are slotted as shown in the inset so that the screws can slide either way to accommodate movement, and the principle is

137 Jointing details

135 Examples of machine-jointing using standard cutters

12-5 mm

12-5 mm

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