Manmade Veneers

Reference should be made to a comparatively recent development which for lack of a better term can only be described as 'man-made veneers'. The process, first developed by John Wright (Veneers) Ltd and known as Fineline veneers, and later also by Aaronson Ltd under the trade-name Arofleur, is prefabricated in the sense that stacks of different-coloured veneers are glued up into a solid block, and then sliced across the artificial grain thus created by the separate layers to yield a regular and repeatable pattern. A crown-cut pattern is also introduced by Aaronson Ltd into the middle of the sheet. Some of the veneers so produced, which are, of course, free from all defects and therefore much more economical in use, are rather too brash and regular, but the best have a quiet dignity and a subtle colour modulation which lends itself to simple contemporary designs of good shape and proportionment. In normal veneers the waste factor is high, and a minimum of 50 per cent is generally allowed, but with these fabricated veneers dimensions are fairly constant, and do not vary throughout the stock. Prices compare very favourably with normal straight-cut veneers, taking into account the low waste factor.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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