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These are sometimes known as 'sabre saws', which is more correct as the term 'jigsaw' could also be taken to mean power-driven fretsaws in which the blade is secured at either end. Available in home, general and super duty, some have vertical stroke, and others have a cycloid action which keeps the teeth clear of sawdust. The no-load speed is usually around 3000 strokes per minute, with a stroke depth of from 1/2 in (12.5 mm) to 1 in (25 mm) and a cutting depth of up to 23/8 in (60 mm) in softwoods and 1 in (25 mm) in hardwoods and resin-bonded ply. Various types of blade can be obtained with fine, medium and coarse teeth for sheet metal, fibreglass, plastics, wood,

78 12 in (304 mm) lightweight electric chainsaw
79 Elu ST 152 Jigsaw with two speeds

plywoods and particle boards, etc., also knife-blades for leather, latex foam and fibrous materials. As a woodworking-saw it is extremely useful for internal straight-line or contour cutting. The rate of cut is fairly slow, but the saw can be operated with one hand only, is easy to guide and can be used for bevel cuts up to 45°.

This is a specialist tool for cutting interior shapes and curves. It should not be used for heavy straight-line cutting as this soon over-

80 Jigsaw set for bevel cut

taxes its motor; and whenever possible it is more efficient to cut exterior curves on a floor-mounted bandsaw.

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