Intersection Of Mouldings Raking moulds

Where two mouldings of unequal width intersect on one plane then the junction is a bevelled mitre as distinct from a true mitre of 45° (see Mitre, scribed and scarf joints, Chapter 20); but where two mouldings of equal width intersect then the mitre lines on each must be the same length, therefore the angles must be equal, or, as commonly stated, the mitre must halve the overall angle. Figure 351:4 shows the correct mitre line of two pieces of equal width meeting at an angle, and the dotted lines the effect of unequal angled cuts, where the cut (A) is longer than the cut in the opposite member. This halving of the overall angle is not possible in raking moulds in cornices, pediments, etc. as the side or return mould must have a right-

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