352 Proportional reduction and enlargement (2)

angled cut, and the raking or face mould an inclined cut vertical to the side of the carcass or door framing, as shown in the dotted line at A (352:4).

It is necessary, therefore, to alter the section of either the side mould or the raking mould so that they correspond, and 352:5 shows the method. As the raking mould is normally to a fixed section this is drawn in first and the profile added as A. Lines are then drawn through salient points parallel with the slope, and from the points of intersection other lines at right angles to the slope. From point X draw a true horizontal XZ equal in length to XY which is the thickness of the face mould, and on the centre X describe arcs as shown, dropping verticals from XZ to meet the lines drawn parallel to the rake. The points of intersection will then enable the profile of the return mould to be drawn in B. To ascertain the profile of the top return mould (C) it is only necessary to transfer XY with its plotted points to the horizontal plane and drop verticals to give points of intersection as with B. If the raking mould is curved (352:6), the arbitrary lines through the salient points of the profile A must be drawn at right angles to the bed of the mould, and should not follow the axis of the sweep.

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