Heat acceleration of glue sets

As already mentioned, synthetic resin glues

(not impact glues) are thermosetting, and once set cannot be resoftened by heat. The acceleration of the set by applied heat is very marked, as the following tables show:

Separate application glues

Aerolite 300 or 306 Powder Glue with

Hardener GBQX Hardener GBMX

Minimum setting time 50° F 60° F 70° F 80° F 90° F 10° C 16° C 21° C 27° C 32° C 5-6hr 21/2 l3/4 11/4 1 — — 31/2hr 21/2 2

GBQX has an assembly time (first contact between glue and hardener) of five minutes only, therefore GBMX with an assembly time of 20 minutes is more suitable for hot-weather working.

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