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Measuring with rule

Measuring with rule

The basic tools of woodwork and the elementary processes of sawing, chiselling and smoothing wood are widely known, and detailed repetition is hardly necessary. What is of concern here is the specialized application of these basic techniques to the fabrication of project components, usually of small dimension, which will eventually become pieces of furniture. Therefore, although the tools employed and the methods of manipulating them are in principle the same as for any woodworking trade, the furniture-maker must always endeavour to work to precision limits. So although he may use the same kind of saw. chisel, plane, etc. as any other woodworker, the saw will tend to have finer teeth, the chisel will be of the lighter, bevelled edged variety, the smoothing-plane will be the standard tool but it will be keener and more finely set. In the main, therefore, his tools will be orthodox but more numerous; they must be the very best of their respective kinds and he must be scrupulous in maintaining them.

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Wood Working 101

Wood Working 101

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