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Since its first publication in 1970 The Technique of Furniture Making has established itself as the bible for all woodworkers. However, in nearly twenty years there have been considerable changes in the craft, and so this book has been revised thoroughly in order for it to continue to be as useful and relevant to today's furniture makers.

The revision has been carried out by Alan Peters, one of Britain's leading furniture makers, whose own training has led him to have a ready sympathy and understanding for Ernest Joyce's approach. In addition to a great deal of new material, the whole book has been redesigned so that it is now much easier to work from. The biggest advances in the world of woodworking in recent years have been in the range and capabilities of power tools, and so this section of the book has been much expanded. Adhesives and abrasives have also developed considerably, and the large selection of products available, their applications and individual qualities are explained. Looking to the future, computer controlled machinery and computer-aided design will soon be at an affordable price for the small workshop, so the book takes a look at some of the machines already being used in industry.

The book is in three parts, the first part dealing with materials, tools and techniques, the second part with advanced construction techniques and metal fittings, and the third part with running a workshop, draughtsmanship, furniture designs and restoration. For the first time, too, there are colour sections on wood identification and examples of some of the best pieces of modern furniture design.

Anyone with a serious interest in furniture making, whether student or teacher, enthusiastic amateur or committed professional, is guaranteed to find an answer to most of their questions somewhere in this book, and will understand why it has proved an invaluable work of reference to craftsmen for so many years.

295 black and white photographs 288 line illustrations 32 colour photographs



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How To Sell Furniture

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