Flutings Reedings

Flutings can be worked with a scratch stock if small in section (see Moulded legs, p. 209), but wider flutings must be cut with a gouge or formed with a suitable round moulding-plane if available, and 312 illustrates a typical fluting worked cross-grain on a drawer front by the latter method. If necessary, battens can be cramped/clamped across the face of the work to

form a guide for the plane, but the example shown was worked entirely without guides. The flutes were laid out with pencil, the cross-flutes worked first and the half-fluting to the surrounds worked afterwards to take out any chipped edges.

Various moulded details are illustrated in 313: 1-2 are carcass or table-top treatments; 3-8 show drawer fronts and 9-11 carcass edges.

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