Face Moulding

support. Assembly is made on a board (231:6) on which the layout is accurately drawn. The ribs are cut, dry jointed and kept in position with blocks nailed to the baseboard; the doorframe is then placed over the assembly, the shoulders of the tenons marked and the position of the mortises in the rebates/rabbets also gauged. The rib assembly can then be glued together (reinforcing with glued canvas if necessary, as shown in 232), for it will spring sufficiently to enter the mortises, the doorframe is replaced on top and the mitre cuts marked, and then sawn in with a small allowance for final trimming. The rib assembly can then be glued in its final position in the frame and the face mouldings trimmed and glued to the ribs. When complete the glass panes are cut with a slight clearance all round and beaded or puttied in.

If the finished work is to be gloss polished the face mouldings are often polished in the length before they are cut, but this calls for clean and accurate working.

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How To Sell Furniture

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