Dustless belt sanders

Available in belt widths of from 21/2 in (63:5 mm) to 4 in (101 mm), with belt speeds from 1000 to 1700 ft per min. (304 m to 518 m) over a pad size or effective sanding area of about 6 in (152 mm) long by the full width of the belt—the 3 in (76 mm) model is the best compromise between weight and power. The vacuum unit incorporated usually sucks about 80 per cent of the fine dust into the detachable bag, and therefore the cutting action is not impeded by the loose dust and is considerably faster in consequence. For the rapid removal of

Drawer Construction Plans

91 Biscuit jointer in use for drawer construction, both as a groover to take drawer bottom and also to produce the biscuit joint to fix drawer sides to the drawer front (one biscuit in position)

92 One plunge of the cutter produces identical slots for the compressed hardwood biscuits stock in wood, metal or plastics these machines can be extremely useful but care should be taken with veneered surfaces as they are inclined to dub over at the ends and cut through the veneer unless waste pieces of material are positioned at each end to prevent the belt dipping. Most models are designed to cut against the belt rotation for easier control, and the direction of the cut should be at a slight


93 Portable sanders: direction of cut angle (93B) rather than with the grain (93A). The tool works under its own weight and no bearing down to increase the rate of cut should be attempted.

A very recent addition to the range is the Elu MHB 157 Electronic. With its variable speeds it has many advantages similar to those of the electronic router in that power is always maintained under variable work loads. With the addition of the sanding frame attachment, and used at the correct speed with paper of the appropriate grit, quite sensitive sanding of veneers, for example, is now possible with safety. Although this makes the belt sander more versatile and ideal when only one portable sander can be purchased, as it can remove heavy stock and produce a fine finish, the pad finishing sanders are still preferable for final finishing of cabinet work.

Elu Belt Sander Mhb 157

94 Electronic belt sander with optional adjustable sanding frame attachment for fine sanding

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