Dust board Dust boardspanels

These are a refinement fitted between drawers in carcass-work to protect the drawer contents from falling dust or displaced articles. They are now only used in the highest quality work. They can be solid, i.e. housed/dadoed in shelves which act as drawer rails, runners and dust boards, or of panelled construction with the front drawer rail and runners grooved for a thin ply sheet which was pushed in from the back and held in position by a stiffening back rail tongued into the runner grooves. Alternatively, they can be made up as a complete frame with ply panels and front and back drawer rails stub tenoned and runners housed into the sides. Muntins should be provided for wide carcasses which can also act as supports for upright divisions between the rails. A cheaper compromise often seen in Victorian furniture was to glue up the carcass with grooved front rails and runners, and push in a thin ply sheet which was left unsupported at the back; however, unless the ply is sufficiently rigid it is liable to sag in time and even foul the lower drawer.

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