Dovetailing attachment

Without doubt the most useful of all accessories for use with the 1/4 in (6 mm) or greater capacity router. Accurate and tight-fitting machine lap dovetails can be cut at 3/4 in (19 mm) pitch in hardwood up to 9 in (228 mm) in width in any combination of thicknesses from 3/8 in (9.5 mm) to 1 in (25 mm). Multi-pitch attachments are also available providing for additional pitches which enable the spacing of the dovetails to fit

88 Dovetailing attachment within any width of material without clipping off the end pin. No marking out is necessary and both drawer front and side are cut at one operation. The attachment is complete with the necessary guides and templates. A dovetail-housing joint accessory which will cut housings in timbers up to 9 in (228 mm) wide is also marketed, but takes rather long to set up accurately and is of more interest to those who lack experience in cutting this particular joint (see also Dovetailing, Chapter 19).

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