Dovetailing accessories

Where short runs do not warrant the use of a dovetailing machine, accessories can be obtained for most types of spindle moulding/ shaping machine and router (including portable routers), incorporating suitable jigs or finger plates into which the single cutter is fed. Particulars of these can be obtained from the manufacturers concerned. For the handworker not completely wedded to hand dovetailing, and lacking sufficient practice to cut dovetails as speedily as the hardened professional, a worthwhile accessory is the dovetailing unit for use with the standard portable router or hand drill (167). This gives good machine-type dovetails, but as the male pin is square and the socket slightly rounded on the base, slight gaps are visible in through dovetails, and its use is, therefore, confined to lap dovetails for drawer sides, etc. and dovetail housing.

Arcoy Dovetail

166 Arcoy dovetailing accessory

Arcoy Dovetailer

167 Cutting dovetails with Arcoy dovetailing accessory and electric drill

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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