Divan headboards

As the divan base is equipped with its own stump legs a headboard only is necessary (462:6), either screwed direct to the box frame of the divan or anchored with special screw-plate assemblies (462:8) through screwed-on supports (462:7), which can be slotted to allow the headboard to be adjusted to the correct height. Continental-type headboards for double divan beds (462:10) are usually about 7 ft 9 in (236 cm) long overall, and carry drawer fittings on either side so placed that there is sufficient space to allow the bed linen to be tucked in during making. These fittings are made up as independent backless boxes firmly screwed in position from the back of the headboard; they can have central leg supports (462:9, 10A), or if the headboard is fixed to the wall with mirror plates both they and the central supporting struts (462:10B) can be dispensed with. Ideally the top of the fitment should be about 4 in (10 cm) higher than the top of the mattress, and this also applies to separate bedside cabinets or tables. The actual headboard is usually a single sheet of 5/8 in (16 mm) or 3/4 in (19 mm) veneered plywood, laminboard or particle board, edged on the outside, but it can be framed up, or caned or upholstered. A secret castor fitting for beds, divans, etc. is shown in 462:11, in which case long divan headboards with drawer fittings

463 Divan bed with under drawers in natural pine. (By courtesy of Price Brothers Co. Ltd)

464 Inexpensive solid wood beds by Treske (Workshops) Ltd should be fixed to the wall and not to the divan. The castors should have hard polished wheels for carpets, but soft rubber ones for slippery tile and linoleum or the divan will move too easily and could be dangerous for invalids or the elderly.

465 (facingpage) Headboard and matching bedside chest of drawers using dyed and natural sycamore and dyed green veneers. Designed and made by Lucinda Leech

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