Corner cabinets and cupboards

Corner cabinets are useful for display purposes, also for conversion into cocktail cabinets, but are unsuitable as general cupboards, bookcases, etc. owing to the wasted space. Figure 423:1 shows a typical example of a glass door corner cabinet, and 423:2 a single-door corner cupboard. If tall cabinets are built-in it is usual to make the side pilasters extend beyond the sides and scribe to fit the walls, while the angle of the cupboard plan should be slightly more than a right angle as it is never wise to assume that plastered walls will be plumb or the corners at true right angles to each other. Such precautions hardly matter with free-standing cabinets (423:1) as the skirting boards will throw the carcass clear of the walls, but may be necessary with the wall cupboard.

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