Circular Table Saws

As a rough approximation it is usual to take one-third of the diameter of a circular saw as its effective cut, therefore a 15 in (381 mm) saw giving a cut of about 5 in (127 mm) would be about the minimum for general work. However, many large concerns do not use timber thicker than 11/2 in (38 mm) building up for larger dimensions, and this greatly simplifies their stocks, while large-diameter saws are no

99 12 in (304 mm) sliding-table panel-saw (dimension saw)

100 Startrite 9 in (228 mm) tilt arbor table saw i

101 Wadkin heavy duty 10 in (254 mm) tilt arbor table saw

102 Radial arm saw (bench model). (By courtesy of DeWalt)

103 Floor-mounted version. (By courtesy of DeWalt)

longer necessary and most of the work is done on the 12 in (304 mm) sliding-table panel-saw (45B) which is an excellent compromise if large boards of ply and chipboard are used to any great extent. Additionally it is never advisable to fit small saws for ripping out stringers and bandings, etc. to large-diameter table saws, but they could be used in the smaller saws. (Where space permits it is advisable to double up with a small 8 or 9 in diameter table saw for delicate cabinet work.) Whatever table saw is chosen it should be sturdy, adequately guarded, with an elevating spindle and tilting arbor, and with a minimum 3 hp (2.237 kW) motor for 12 in (304 mm) or 15 in (381 mm) benches.

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