Castors And Gliders

Castors and wheels are available in great variety from light pattern swivel castors for tea-trolleys/ carts, etc. to heavy-duty ball-bearing castors for mounting machinery. Figure 273:1 shows a fixed wheel castor, 273:2 the orbit swivel castor, both with mounting plates either square, oblong, round or shaped for corners, while 273:3 illustrates the grip-neck method of fastening in which the socket with its pronged base is hammered into the leg and the peg pushed home, and 273:4 the wood screw type. Metal thread screws for metal are also available. Before choosing the type, usage and working conditions must be allowed for, and if maximum manoeuvrability is required then four swivel castors should be used; but for heavy loads and long runs two fixed and two swivel are better, with the trolley pushed from the swivel end. Cast-iron wheels are suitable for concrete and rough, gritty surfaces, while indoor use calls for hard- or soft-tyred rubber or plastic, or cast brass or brass-plated steel for the smallest types. The castors can be hidden behind a curtain rail (273:7), but the trolley must be wide enough to permit the full swing of the castor within the

273 Castors and gliders curtain without sacrificing overall stability.

Gliders or floor protectors are suitable for furniture which is not often moved. With their greater bearing surface there is less indentation or wear on floors and coverings; moreover, it is not advisable to fit very free-running castors to chairs or divan beds, particularly if used by old people or invalids. Types vary from the simple knock-in nickel-plated furniture glide, to the more sophisticated pattern shown in 273:6.

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