Biscuit Jointer And Groover

89 Timber being positioned prior to dovetailing

89 Timber being positioned prior to dovetailing


Beading-bit (two flutes) Rounding-over bits

(two flutes)

Straight bits (two flutes) Veining-bit (single flutes) Dovetail-bits

Straight bits (two flutes) Veining-bit (single flutes) Dovetail-bits

Cove-bit (two flutes)

Chamfering-bit (two flutes)

Rabbeting-bit (one length) —

Straight-face cutters Concave cutter Convex cutter

90 Portable router-cutters and operations. (By courtesy of Black and Decker Ltd)

Straight bit (single flute)

Core-box bits (two flutes)

Hinge-mortising and gaining bit

Corner bead-cutter

right up to the stop line. But for all through grooving and wherever any quantity is concerned, they are slow and the cutters frequently become overheated and dulled. In the absence of a spindle moulder/shaper, therefore, grooving is best carried out by a biscuit jointer and groover, a tool which cuts grooves in the same effortless way as a spindle but with the added advantage that one can operate it on the workpiece itself. Its action is the same as a very small diameter grooving saw fitted to the spindle moulder or table saw and it can simply be plunged into the workpiece at will, making an arched recess. This lends itself to its other function of making the 'biscuit joints' from which it gets its name; in these joints, oval 'biscuits' of compressed wood, which can be purchased in a variety of thicknesses to match the thickness of the cutter, are inserted and glued into the recess. In some workshops this tool is replacing much conventional use of dowelling, tenoning and dovetailing.

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How To Sell Furniture

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