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Fairly stiff resin-bonded plywood to WBP specification can be bent more readily if one side is wetted, or conversely the other side heated. Much depends on the thickness and number of plies, the direction of the bend in relation to the grain direction of the stout hearted core, and to the timber species of which the plywood is composed, therefore actual tests are necessary. If the plywood sheet is too stiff to take the curve two or more sheets of thin plywood to make up the thickness can be glued and bent between simple formers/forms or merely stapled together as practised in boat hull building, for each sheet becomes concentric and the adhesive will lock the fibres and hold the curve. An admirable plywood for this purpose is Vi6 in (1.5 mm) birch three-ply, readily obtainable, which can be rolled up like a sheet of thin cardboard. Heat softening of wood was well known to traditional craftsmen, who bent their boxwood lines for delicate inlay (purffing) by repeatedly passing them over a heated metal pipe or rod.

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