Axonometric Projection

This is a variation of isometric projection, sometimes known as 'bird's-eye' perspective, as it gives more of a downward view (333:4). The true plan is first drawn to scale at angles of 45° and 45° or 30° and 60° to the horizontal, and the verticals projected from it. This projection is chiefly used for interiors, and it is interesting to note that the base of the socket housing in the plinth only becomes visible with this method.

Distortion is great and obvious. This projection is sometimes refered'to as isometric.

Oblique projection Oblique projection
Axonometric Plan Oblique

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  • Kalvin
    How to construct an axonometric drawing?
    8 years ago
  • pervinca
    How to draw an axnometric round furniture?
    2 years ago

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