Youre ready to assemble the cradle

1 Dry-assemble (no glue) and clamp the headboard, sides, footboard, and bottom to check the fit of all the parts.

2 Glue, assemble, and clamp the cradle parts, and check the assembly for square. Using the holes in the headboard and footboard as guides, drill the pilot holes into the ends of the sides. Then, drive a #8x1" flathead wood screw into each hole. Unclamp the assembly.

3 Glue and clamp the posts to the cradle assembly, where shown on Drawing 1. Make certain that the posts are flush; then, using the holes in the posts as guides, drill the Vía" pilot holes Va" deep into the headboard and foot-Continued on page 126

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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