The slatted headboard and footboard come next

ICut the headboard and footboard rails (C, D), slats (E, F), and spacers (G, H) to the sizes listed in the Materials List. (For the spacers, we cut four pieces of stock to vix5/8x40", and crosscut the spacers from the long strips.)

2 Fit your tablesaw with a 'A" dado blade, and cut a lA" groove 'A" deep centered along one edge of each rail (C, D). See Drawing 2 for reference.

3Switch to a wider dado blade on your tablesaw. Then, attach a long wooden extension to your tablesaw's miter gauge, and square the extension to the blade. Using a stop for consistency, cut rabbets to form tenons on the ends of the rails (C, D) and slats (E, F).

4 To assemble the headboard and footboard assemblies, start by finding the center (from end-to-end) of each rail, and mark a centerline across the grain. Starting with a slat centered over the centerline and working to the ends, dry-clamp (no glue) the headboard and footboard assemblies together, checking for square. Now, check the fit of the clamped-together assemblies into the mortises of their respective legs. After verifying the fit, glue and clamp the headboard and footboard assemblies together between thé legs.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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