The door comes next

ICut the door stiles (E) and rails (F) to size. Then, cut two pieces of cherry to 4'/2Xi5". Plane or resaw the pieces to

Va" thick for the door panel (G). Glue and clamp the pieces edge to edge with surfaces and ends flush.

2 Cut or rout a Va" groove V2" deep along one edge of each rail and stile, where shown on Drawing 1b. From Va" cherry, cut four splines to size.

3Test-fit the door pieces; the panel should be slightly undersized about '/i6" in each direction to allow it to expand without splitting the assembled door. Then, glue and clamp the door. Allow the panel to float inside the frame without glue.

4 Mark the centerpoint, and drill a hole for the Shaker knob.

Vz" rabbet

0 how to resaw


Keep same face of stock against auxiliary fence.


Keep same face of stock against auxiliary fence.

Draw Hidden Shelves

5Cut the adjustable shelves (H) shown in the Cutting Diagram to size.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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