Side rail

and into the hole in the end of the side rail. Fit a %" nut into the nut-access hole, thread the bolt through the nut, and tighten the bolts until the bed frame is wobble free. Without the Vie" washer, the head of the bolt would cut into the wood in each leg.

7 From V2" birch plywood, cut the bottoms (K) to size. Mark and cut a notch in each corner, as dimensioned on Drawing 5. Cut notches in one of the bed bottoms for the side- and headboard-rail supports (Q) to be used on the upper bunk later.

8Drill countersunk mounting holes through the plywood bottom pieces (K) for securing to the cleats (J) later.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

There are a lot of things that either needs to be repaired, or put together when youre a homeowner. If youre a new homeowner, and have just gotten out of apartment style living, you might want to take this list with you to the hardware store. From remolding jobs to putting together furniture you can use these 5 power tools to get your stuff together. Dont forget too that youll need a few extra tools for other jobs around the house.

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