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Try using pilot holes

To ease installation of T-nuts, drill pilot holes for the prongs. To do this, tap the T-nut with a light hammer blow to mark the prong locations in the counterbores. Remove the nut, and then drill pilot holes. For the T-nuts we had, Vie" holes worked great. A short length of 5/a" dowel lets you drive the T-nut to the bottom of the counterbore.

one corner of the base assembly, with its top surface flush with the top edge of parts E and F. Using masking tape, "clamp" the corner cleat into position.

Note: Refer to Drawing 10a to see the correct position of the hole in the corner cleat.

Drill the countersunk ¥12" holes through the cleat. Change to a 7/m" bit, and drill pilot holes into the base parts, carefully gauging the depth of the holes. Drive the screws.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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