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American Fabric Filter manufactures a variety of filter and dust collector bags for the woodworking market, including standard and custom-made bags, for single-bag collectors to baghouses to individually designed systems. AMERICAN FABRIC FILTER CO., INC. Circle No. 2122. MILL EH DOWEL JOINERY

A revolutionary all-wood fastener that combines the advantages of natural joinery with the ease of use of nails or screws. MILLER DOWEL COMPANY. Circle No. 2125.

A Course In Wood Turning

A Course In Wood Turning

Ever wondered what wood turning is all about? Here are some invaluable information on how to make beautiful items out of wood! That one little strategy from A Course In Wood Turning that I implemented not only worked, but the results were completely astonishing. I had never seen anything like it! Now, keep in mind that I had tried a lot of other products up until this point. You name it, I probably tried it! That’s how desperate I was to improve my skills with wood turning.

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