Shelves are easy to make

IRip and crosscut the three shelves (D) from 1 Vie"-thick stock to the dimensions listed in the Materials List. Then, sand both sides of the shelves to their final smoothness.

2 Make the shelf-drilling jig, shown on Drawing 8, from pieces of scrap-wood. To use the jig, clamp it to the corner of one of the shelves with the b top cap and end cap detail



"end" and "side" markings on the jig in the correct position. (Mark these words on both sides of the jig.) Then, use the holes in the jig as guides Jo drill the pair of 5/i6M holes through the shelves with a brad-point bit in your portable electric drill. Unclamp the jig, and turn it over to orient it for the opposite corner. Drill all of the 5/i6" holes, and then repeat the process to drill all of the W holes. Use a piece of scrapwood under the shelf to minimize tear-out where the bit exits the workpiece.

3Chuck a 1/4" cove bit into your table-mounted router, and then rout the ends and edges of both sides of each shelf. Sand the cove, and then set the shelves aside for now.

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