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wide. From this piece, crosscut the long support (B) to 31" long and the short support (C) to 13".'

2 Cut tenons on both ends of the long support and on one end of the short support, as dimensioned on Drawing 1a. (We used a dado blade on our tablesaw and attached an auxiliary wooden fence to our miter gauge.)

3 Drill and countersink six V32" shank holes in the back face of the long support, where shown on Drawings 1 and 6. (We used a brad-point bit in our drill press.) To do this, find the center of the support, and mark a point 1" in from both the top and bottom edges. Mark two similar points 3A" from the tenon shoulder near each end.

First cuts

First cuts

4 For the gussets (D), rip and crosscut two 4x19" pieces from 3/4"-thick poplar stock. Move your rip fence to the left side of the blade, and set it %" from the blade. Tilt the blade to 40° from square. Stand the gussets on end, and clamp them to the face of a 10x15" piece of 3/4"-thick scrap stock so the ends are flush with the bottom edge of the scrap piece. Holding the scrap piece against your rip fence as a sliding auxiliary fence, bevel-cut one end of the gussets.



Unclamp them, and remove both fences. With your blade still set to 40°, lay the gussets flat, and use your miter gauge to bevel-cut the same face of the other ends to I8V2" long. These cuts will give you bevels of 40° and 50°.

SCounterbore ten 3/s" holes 2" deep in the edges of the supports and gussets, where shown on Drawing 6. (We used a brad-point bit, and clamped a fence to our drill-press table.)

6 Using your combination square, transfer the centerpoints of the ten counterbores to the top edges of the leg supports and gussets. Next, place each piece against your drill-press fence, and drill %4" shank holes through to the counterbores. Now, sand the leg supports and gussets smooth.

Z Dry-assemble the long support to the two side legs and the short support to the middle leg to check for fit. Adjust as necessary, then glue and clamp.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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