Rout the base and lid molding

ICut the base molding pieces (Q, R) to size plus 2" in length.

2 Follow the two-step procedure on Drawing 6, to rout the decorative contours on the three molding pieces.

3 Miter-cut both ends of the front piece and the front end of each side molding. Then, glue and clamp the pieces to the chest.

4 To form the lid molding, start by cutting four pieces of 3A" oak to 13/4x20" for the sides (S) and two pieces of 13/4X50" for the front (T). Laminate the four 20"-long pieces into two blocks that measure \ 'Ax\3Ax20". Do the same to the two 50"-long pieces. (We also formed a scrap lamination about 12" in length for making test cuts. Then, we positioned the router bits as shown on Drawing 7, test-cut the scrap, and readjusted the bits as necessary before routing our finished pieces to match the profile shown on Drawing 8.) Scrape off excess glue, and rip all three laminated pieces to IV2" finished width. Also, cut the lid's back trim piece (U) to finished size.

5Follow Steps 1 through 6 on Drawing 7 to rout the decorative molding (S,T). Now, go back and rout a 'A" rabbet 'A" deep along the top inside edge of the back trim pieces (U), following Step 5 of the drawing.

6Cut the lid pieces V and W to size plus 'A" on all sides. Then, laminate the two pieces with contact cement, and trim the panel to finished size.

7 Glue and clamp the back trim piece to the laminated panel (V,W), keeping the ends flush.

q routing the lid molding

Furniture Base Molding Cinnamon

lid molding

8 Next, cut a Va" rabbet V2" deep in the back end of each side molding piece (S), where shown on Drawing 3b on page 90.

9Miter-cut the side molding pieces (S) and front molding piece (T) to length. Now, glue and clamp them to the lid assembly, being careful not to mar the routed edge. (When clamping, we used scrap spacers with the clamps for uniform pressure and to prevent marring the oak veneer plywood.)

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