Pocket Hole Detail

#6 x 1vV' panhead pocket-hole screw

%" pocket hole

7 >■


Note: Make multiple passes over the router bit, increasing the depth of cut incrementally between cuts to avoid overloading your router.

Next, set up a fence on your drill-press table, centering the width of the leg under a lA" Forstner bit; then drill the mortises. Use a chisel to clean up the sides of the mortises and to square the ends of the grooves and mortises.

Next, let's make the rails

IRip rails C, D, E, F, and G, and the front skirt (H) to PA" wide from W-thick stock. Reset your rip fence for a l3/8"-wide cut, and rip rails I and J from 3/4M-thick stock. Next, clamp a stopblock to an extension on your tablesaw's miter gauge, and crosscut rails C, D, E, I, and J to 11W long. Reset the stopblock to crosscut parts F, G, and H to I2V2" long. Mark each part for quick identification, to prevent mistakes during later machining and assembly steps.

2 Drill the pocket holes in the upper front rail (I), where dimensioned on Drawing 1a. Then, set aside parts I and J for now.

3 Install a W dado blade in your table-saw, and adjust the height of the cutter to machine V4XV2" tenons on both ends of the upper side rails (C), the middle side rails (D), the lower side rails (E), the upper back rail (F), the lower back rail (G), and the front skirt (H). Attach a


1/8"-wide groove

1A" deep for tabletop fasteners vV'-wide groove 9/is" deep

W'-wide groove 9/i6" deep 83A" long, centered x 1/2" rabbet

W'-wide mortise 9/i6" deep

Work Table Plans

VV'-wide mortise 9/i6M deep

Vb" chamfer along all bottom edges assembly

Vb" groove V41 deep

1/8"-wide groove

1A" deep for tabletop fasteners vV'-wide groove 9/is" deep x 1/2" rabbet

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