Now build the door

ICut two pieces of 3/4"-thick cherry to 1" wide by 20" long for the door stiles (E) and two pieces 1" wid&by 16" long for the rails (F).

2 Using Drawing 1b for reference, rout a Va" round-over along the front inside edge of each door piece. Cut or rout a 'A" rabbet 3/s" deep along the back inside edge to house the glass.

3Miter-cut the stiles (E) and rails (F) to the lengths listed in the Materials List. (For extra support, we attached an auxiliary fence to our miter gauge and mitered the pieces to length on the tablesaw.)

4 With the surfaces flush, glue and clamp together the door frame, checking for square.

5Build a spline jig to the dimensions shown on Drawing 4. Raise the blade 2" above the tablesaw surface. Now, as pictured in Photo B, cut a Vs" kerf 1" deep in each corner of the door frame.

6Cut a piece of J/s" cherry (we resawed a thicker piece) to 1 Va" wide by 12" long. Next, cut four slip-feather splines to 21/8" long. (See Drawing 4a.) Glue a spline in each kerfed corner of the frame. When diy, trim or sand off the protruding spline, being careful not to cut or sand the door frame.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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